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Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
constrained environment. these challenges combined with these destabilizing effects of terrorist and critical networks will make general rodriquez' task at africom among the most complicated in the department. an additional matter in the africom aor is committee watches closely is the ongoing u.s. support operations in central africa to assist the multinational effort to remove joseph kony and his top lieutenants from the battlefield. this committee and general inhofe has been very active in this effort and assad to ensure that this mission is adequately resourced including additional intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. general rodriquez i know you are familiar with this mission and the committee looks forward to hearing from you about it and to working with you on it and so many of the other challenges he will be facing. i'm going to turn the gavel over to senator kaine who has agreed to take over because i must go to the floor and i i will call upon the senator inhofe. >> thank you mr. mr. mr. chair i join you in welcoming our witnesses. i've had an opportunity to get
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
to learn how uas operate in different environments and how they impact air traffic operations. the test sites also inform the agency as we develop standards for certifying unmanned aircraft and determine the necessary air traffic requirements. in addition to the test sites, faa is publishing a notice in the federal register asking the public to review draft privacy language and provide input. the broad outline of faa's privacy proposal will require each test site to ensure their privacy policies address the following: notice or awareness, choice and consent, access and participation, integrity and security, and, finally, enforcement mechanisms to deal with violations of these policies. the faa thinks the test sites will provide important information that will inform our integration process moving forward. with respect to faa east research and development efforts, we are working in four areas, void, control and communication, maintenance and repair, and human factors. research in all four areas are critical as the opening statements mentioned. my written statement contains more details o
Feb 11, 2013 8:30pm EST
ott, tom created an environment built around using serious and objective and economical analysis to inform that indications policymaking functions at a critical time in american history took place. a junction where we would continue the communications and embrace our more traditional reliance on open entry in the competitive free enterprise system. at that important juncture, it was a division that lend themselves to technical and economic analyses, if you will. in the case of open skies, there were enough parking spaces to accommodate competitive entry also. they were not enough parking spot, but likewise committee argued that the propelling economies or scale for natural monopoly characteristics associated with the network and it would make competitive entry inefficient or unwise from a public policy perspective. a similar question and other crucial areas, such as the innovations market and the satellite mobile radio field, as i would look around the audience, i see so many people that were involved and played key roles in these studies and these issues. the contribution was no
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
to move quickly in the environment. i mean, a lot of what's happening here has been driven by changes in technology. those changes in technology are going to continue to occur, and at a rapid rate. they need the flexibility to do that and have accountability and overnight structure as well to be able to, you know, provide the necessary accountability and authority. >> well, my time's about up. i want to say this for the record. i don't think anybody has a lot tougher job than what the postmaster general has, and the fact is that the post office's is in trouble, and i congratulate you. you know, there's really 536 postmaster generals. unfortunately, and the goal of our reform ought to be there's one, and that we give you the flexibility to do the service to keep the standards there, and have a system that offers the best service at the best price with the best quality. i know a lot of things you have done are controversial, but leadership's about leading, and i want to congratulate you for having led. thank you. >> thank you. >> i approve that message. all right. senator enzi, you are
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4